My Recommendations

Courtney Bennett

, Director Information Management, Inviro Medical (Business Partner at Schenker Logistics, Inc.)
“Matt is an excellent project manager with strong PM and communication skills. I would gladly put Matt in charge of any IT projects with complete confidence that it would be delivered successfully.” October 5, 2008

Kevin Johnson

, Sr. Project Manager, Schenker Logistics (Colleague)
“Matthew is very detail oriented and functions well in both an analyst and project manager role. Matthew looks at the full set of business rules and requirements and works well with end-users to design and implement solid supply chain solutions. Matthew has solid work ethics and common sense.” October 5, 2008

Lindsay Waters

, Director - Information Technology, Schenker Logistics (Direct Manager)
“Matt is an excellent employee. His attention to detail and his dedication is at the highest level. His experience and ability to recommend solutions to meet stated requirements have been very valuable in assisting our company continue it's success.” October 9, 2008

Kenneth Coté

, Business Development Manager, Schenker Logistics Inc. (Colleague)
“Matt is a detailed-oriented manager who is very knowledgeable and well rounded in the IT field as will as operations and business development.” October 3, 2007

John Barbera

, Sr.Project Manager, Schenker Logistics, Inc. (Colleague)
“Matt knows his stuff. He is good at design and also manging the project as well as keeping costs in line.” September 17, 2008

Brian Mozhdehi

, Founder and CEO, Ramp Systems (Business Partner at Schenker Logistics, Inc.)
“I have worked with Matt on multiple occasions at different organizations during the past five years most recently as a software and service provider to his organization and previously on a collaborative basis as colleagues. During that time, I have come to know Matt as an extremely knowledgeable, capable and driven manager with excellent leadership and business skills and a keen appreciation and understanding of technology as it applies to the organizations business needs. Matt is someone I would recommend highly to any organization” August 20, 2009

Gareth Evans

, Business Performance Manager, Schenker Logistics, Inc. (Colleague)
“Matt is a diligent project manager who consistently delivers, meets goals and ensures that both internal and external customers are kept happy.” September 22, 2008

Earl Oubre

, Project Manager, UPS-SCS (Direct Manager)
“Matthew is a dedicated and professional individual. He is very self motivated and attentive to details. "Can't do" was not an option for Matthew. Very hard worker and an individual that you can always count on.” September 17, 2008

Ronald Cunningham

, IT Manager, UPS-SCS (Colleague)
“Matthew ("Matt") was always an eager and conscientious partner. Over the course of a dozen or so projects, Matt proved willing to do whatever it took to help the team reach it's objectives.” September 17, 2008

Michael Wainscott

, Project Manager, UPS Supply Chain Solutions (Direct Manager)
“Matthew has an excellent grasp of the logistics business. Over the past few years, Matthew has gained great experience in providing logistics and technical expertise on customer implementations. Matthew has a strong IT back ground that enables him to design strong solutions for new logistics customers. Matthew has excellent communications skills that enable him to communicate effectively with all levels of management. With his strong work ethic and attention to detail, I would strongly recommend Matthew.” September 24, 2008

Jeff Dagen

, Inventory Manager, FoodChain, Inc. (Colleague)
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Matt for a long time now. When we first met, he was a passionate professional with a knack for leading and developing teams. At that time, he was an emerging talent with supply chain software. By the end of our adventure at Foodchain, Matt had expanded his IT talents and had begun to fully merge those with his leadership capabilities. His passion is still evident today, and it is no surprise that he is improving supply chains throughout as a project manager. I highly recommend Matt to any organization that wishes to improve.” September 17, 2009